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    What can 40 people do because of one cheap holiday card?


    This year, rather than gifting desktop doodads to our clients for the holidays, we decided to spend the money on ourselves.

    Sort of.

    Actually, we gave it all, aka $4,000, to 40 &Barrians so that they could each donate it to the causes and charities that moved their hearts.

    We call it 40 for More.

    Here, then, are our 40.
    Over the next 25 days, we’ll share their more.

    How’d we do it? Frugally.

    The 40 For More Holiday Card

    The Cheap Card

    We printed hundreds of these 4″ x 6″ bad boys through Vistaprint. Then we got an additional 20% coupon. Boom!

    All other pieces were printed in-house on our very own fancy, schmancy color laser printers. And we mostly used black ink.


    We were going to hold a stamp drive because, hello, free stamps! Then we realized that utilizing our bulk rate was “cheap enough.”

    Fun Fact: It’s apparently “illegal” to “recycle” bulk-rate junk mail envelopes for your own purposes. Who knew?

    This Website

    Entirely written and created in-house. And even then we have it on good authority that the creatives involved may have “forgotten” to put the hours they spent on it on their timesheets. (Shh!)

    But, ultimately, we saved nothing.
    Because we gave it all away.

    We hope you see the actual value of your cheap card. If you’d like to see more of how 40 &Barrians chose to donate your would-be gift, and you should, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or just keep checking back here, where every day we’ll post a new story or two.

    'Tis Better to Give.
    Trust us.

    How can you show your thanks for your swanky card? By sharing your good fortune as well. If you see a charity or group that you feel you’d like to donate to, please do.

    Every little bit helps. And every good deed always, always, leads to more.